Personal & Professional Coaching

LEDISA Academy is proud to offer various personal and professional coaching training programmes. These courses are offered by our LEDISA Coaching Division, specialising in national and international coach training at a personal and professional level. For these qualifications, you can get training through workshops, webinars, one-on-one coaching, or a mix of e-learning and traditional learning.

Over the years, we offered skills training, including training for personal and professional coaches, for thousands of coaches, counsellors, trainers, and teachers. We have perfected our materials, methods, and assessment tools to the point where individuals, small, medium, and large organisations all choose us as their provider of choice.

Find below a list of all the personal & professional coach training programmes offered by LEDISA Coaching Academy. The course description links directly to the LEDISA Coaching Academy page.

Our Personal & Professional Coaching Programmes are offered by our division LEDISA Coaching Academy

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