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Supply Chain Training Workshops & Skills Programmes

LEDISA Academy is proud to offer the SAQA Accredited Certification 74149 in Supply Chain Management as a complete qualification over a maximum period of 24 months.  This qualification can be completed over one calender year, and the assessments can be completed during the year by way of blended e-learning.  The certificate program consists of four (4) compulsory study schools (also called skills programmes) and one voluntary study school in a specialisation area of choice.   In the instance of blended e-learning, attend one Saturday application workshop per month to complete the assessment and get assistance with the assessment of the next study school.

Over the years LEDISA Academy offered skills training for thousands of workers, trainers and teachers.  We have honed our materials, methods and assessment instruments to a point where we became the provider of choice for individuals, small, as well as medium and large organisations.

By doing a skills programme you willl master the required skills, get an in-depth understanding of the principles and procedures and at the same time gather credits towards your Certificate: Supply Chain ManagementLEDISA Academy is one of the providers currently accredited to offer this qualification (Qualification 74149).


The purpose of this learning program is to provide learners and industry with the competencies required to engage in the processes and inter-relationships across the supply chain so as to create sustainable value for organisations.  This qualification is aimed at overcoming the traditional functional approach to operations and management, and at fostering supply chain integration to the advantage of all stakeholders.

We offer the following (Supply Chain Management) SCM Skills Programmes & Training Workshops (Workshop Presentation as well as Blended e-Learning).

Training Workshops

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  • International Trade & International Purchasing (Code 336705)
  • Supply Chain Negotiation Skills (Code 252267)
  • Leadership in Supply Chain Management (Code 336700)
  • Demand Forecasting (Code 336720)
  • Goods & Warehousing (Code 336704)
  • Distribution (Code 336703)
  • Inventory Strategies (Code 336742)
  • Sourcing Strategist (Code 260097)
  • Public Sector Project Manager (Code 242914)
  • Municipal Supply Chain Specialist (Code 116353)
  • Public Sector Contracts Administrator (Code 377896)

(Successful learners get certified against the Unit Standards applicable, and receive full credits towards the specific skills programme and qualification)


Skills Programmes

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Compulsory Platform

  • Supply Chain Management Foundation (Study School 1)
  • Supply Chain Core Principles (Study School 2)
  • Supply Chain Key Concepts (Study School 3)
  • Supply Chain Fundamentals (Study School 4)

Specialisation Platform

  • Purchasing Management & Supply (Study School 5)
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management (Study School 6)
  • Distribution Management (Study School 7)
  • Material & Logistics Supply Management (Study School 8)
  • Disposal Management (Study School 9)
  • Public Sector Supply Chain (Study School 10)
  • Sales & Service (Study School 11)

(Successful learners get certified against the Skills Programme applicable, and receive full credits towards the specific qualification.  All our study schools are offered  on-site for a minimum of six learners over a period of five days)


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