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RPL Assessments

RPL Assessments – Recognition of Prior Learning

We offer RPL assessment services against all the level 4, 5 and 6 unit standards for ETD practitioners. Our procedures and requirements for this type of assessment is as follows:

  • Contact us for the RPL Enrollment Form and we will forward the documents to you.
  • Complete the RPL Enrolment Form and fax or e-mail it to us.
  • We will arrange for an invoice to be sent to you.
  • You will receive an NQF Learner Information form that must be returned to us with your proof of payment. We submit the form to the ETDP ETQA to ensure that your name is recorded on our Data Base.
  • Once payment has been received a manual and portfolio guideline will be forwarded to you and you will have telephonic and e-mail access to our learner support service. This support will be available to you for a period of 60 days from the date that we receive your enrollment form.
  • If our assessor is unable to pass a “competent” judgement on your work, you will be contacted directly, relevant feedback will be provided and you will be afforded the opportunity to make the necessary changes or submit the required evidence.
  • If you fail to act on your assessor’s feedback within 21 days of notification, a “not-yet-competent” assessment judgement will be passed and you will be required to re-enrol and pay again for your assessment at the full current published fee.
  • Once you are found to be competent, we will send you a certificate and will submit your result to the ETDP ETQA for endorsement on the NRLD. You will receive a Statement of Results from the ETDP ETQA at a later stage.
  • Please take note that you have to keep a copy of your assignment before handing in the original because the original will be shredded by us.

Please note:  The documentation provided in our portfolio guideline has been designed to ensure that you provide all the evidence necessary for assessment.  You may already have compiled your own portfolio, or completed an assessment.  If so, you may submit the associated documentation as part of your portfolio of evidence.  However, you would be well advised to study the documentation in our guideline in order to identify and fill any gaps in your evidence.



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