RPL Advisor

Become a RPL Advisor

The RLP Advisor workshop/course was designed as an add on programme for ETD programmes.  This programme will focus very specifically on the principles relevant to RPL Assessments in the workplace.  Though closely knitted to other outcomes based assessments, a slight change in the process results in individuals feeling unsure in dealing with RPL situations in particular.  Stocked with group work, real scenarios and case studies, this programme promise to provide individuals with the confidence in preparing candidates for the RPL process.

We offer accredited RPL Advisor Training for those who really want to make a difference.  Our training takes place over a period of two days, and can be accessed in three ways:

  • Public courses are not pre-scheduled. Learners apply for attendance, we then schedule a public workshop on a regualar basis (usually on a 6-weekly basis)
  • In-house courses for organisations or sectors’
  • Blended e-Learning option in our Virtual e-Learning Centre. Our most affordable and popular option.

What unit standards are covered?

  • Unit Standard 12544 – Facilitate the presentation and preparation of evidence for assessments – Level 4 – Credits 4

Who should be trained as RPL Advisors?This course is aimed at anyone who is serious about assisting individuals in the workplace with RPL Assessments and who finds themselves in a position in which they are expected to assist individuals with the collection of evidence.  This could include any subject matter expert, assessor, facilitator or coach.

What entry qualification is needed? 

  • NQF Level 4/Grade 12 certificate
  • Computer Literacy on NQF4 Level
  • Communication at NQF4 Level

How long does it take? 

  • Our workshops and in-house courses run over three days. Portfolios and part assessment are completed on the last day of the workshop.
  • Blended e-Learning: Learners set their own learning pace and complete the programme based on the time available. This can be done within a few hours, one to two weeks or even within a few months.

Learning Outcomes

  • A thorough understanding of the outcomes based education system and RPL Assessments.
  • A look at the process and principles of applying OBE Assessment.
  • Assisting individuals to prepare for a RLP Assessment.
  • All principles related to the collection of evidence, practical guidelines on collecting evidence and matching this with unit standard outcomes.
  • The role of the RPL Advisor in giving feedback.
  • The need for review in the RPL process.


Learners who successfully complete the portfolio of evidence will be awarded a skills programme certificate with the unit standard listed.

Workshop Outcomes

Our course meets all the outcomes required by the seven unit standards. It also provides you with insight into

  • the NQF system and the Skills Development Act
  • assessment implementation and procedures
  • evidence of competence as an SDF
  • recognition of prior learning implementation for experienced SDFs
  • portfolio preparation for assessment
  • RPL and summative assessments
  • Endorsement of the certificate of competence



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