Education Training

Education Training Workshops, Skills Programmes & Qualifications

Over the years we offered skills training for thousands of workers, trainers and teachers.  We have honed our materials, methods and assessment instruments to a point where we became the provider of choice for individuals, small, as well as medium and large organisations.

Our facilitators go through extensive training before they are appointed to be facilitators.  Assessments are standardised according to the requirements of the ETDP SETA and we have learnt much through our verifications from the SETA.

We have sophisticated systems to expedite the issuing of learner certificates and endorsement letters from the SETA.

By doing a training workshop or skills programme you will master the required skills, get an in-depth understanding of the principles and procedures and at the same time gather credits towards your OD ETD Practices qualificationLEDISA Academy is one of the providers currently accredited to offer the following qualification:

  • National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices (50334)

We offer the following ETDP Learning Programmes (Workshop Presentation as well as Blended e-Learning) with coaching assistance & online webinars:

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Training Workshops

  • Become a Registered Assessor (Code 115753)
  • Become a Registered Moderator (Code 115759)
  • Become a Registered Facilitator (Code 117871)
  • Become a Training Material Design Specialist (Code 123401)
  • Become a Skills Development Facilitator (Code 15221)
  • Become an Assessment Instrument Designer (Code 115755)
  • Become a Workplace Coach (Code 117877)
  • Become a Workplace Mentor (Code 117865)
  • Become a RPL Advisor (Code 12544)
  • Become a Learnership Manager (Code 15232)
  • Become a Quality Management Specialist (Code 15228)
  • Become a Training Provider Evaluator (Code 123400)

(Successful learners get certified against the Unit Standards applicable, and receive full credits towards the Qualification)

Study Schools (Skills Programmes) for Certificate in ODETD Practices

Compulsory Study Schools

  • Assessment Practices (Study School 10)
  • Learner Support (Study School 11)
  • Skills Development (Study School 12)
  • Learning Facilitation (Study School 13)
  • ETDP Communication (Study School 14)
  • Learning Material Design (Study School 15)

(Successful learners get certified against all the individual Unit Standards applicable, and receive full credits towards the Certificate Programme)