Dynamic Leadership

Dynamic Leadership Workshops & Skills Programmes

LEDISA Academy is proud to offer our Dynamic Leadership learning programmes in the form of SAQA Accredited Certification 57712 in Generic Management as a complete qualification, as well as the National Certificate in Management (Certification 59201). These qualifications are offered over a maximum period of 24 months, in the form of  six (6) and five (5) skills programmes (Study Schools) respectively. These qualifications are offered in the form of training workshops, webinars, one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as a Blended e-Learning option.

Over the years we offered skills training for thousands of workers, trainers and teachers.  We have honed our materials, methods and assessment instruments to a point where we became the provider of choice for individuals, small, as well as medium and large organisations.

By doing a skills programme you will master the required skills, get an in-depth understanding of the principles and procedures and at the same time gather credits towards either the Further Certificate: Generic Management, or The National Certificate in Management Leadership. LEDISA Academy is one of the providers currently accredited to offer both these qualifications (Learning Programmes 57712 and 59201).

Learners can enroll for the full qualification, any skills programme (study school), but we also offer short programmes that will be credited against the qualification applicable.

Training Workshops

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  • Leadership Skills (Course Codes 242824 & 120300)
  • Meeting Skills (Course Code 242816)
  • Goal Setting (Course Code 242822)
  • Supervision (Course Code 242821)
  • Budgetary Control (Course Code 242810)
  • Motivation & Team Building (Course Code 242819)
  • Time Management (Course Code 242811)
  • Problem Solving (Course Code 242817/1)
  • Decision Making (Course Codes 242817 & 252026)
  • Solution Implementation (Course Code 242817/3)
  • Customer Service (Course Code 242829)
  • Communication & Presentation  (Course Code 12433)
  • Knowledge Management (Course Code 252044)
  • Innovation & Creativity (Course Code 252020)
  • Operational Planning (Course Code 252032)
  • Relationship Management (Course Code 252027)
  • Change Management (Course Code 252021)
  • People Development (Course Code 252029)
  • Diversity Management (Course Code 252043)
  • Performance Management (Course Code 252034)
  • Risk Management (Course Code 252025)
  • Coaching Skills (Course Code 252035)
  • Project Management (Course Code 252022)
  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers (Course Code 242040)
  • Conflict Management (Course Code 114226)
  • Staff Recruitment & Selection (Course Code 12140)

(Successful learners get certified against the Unit Standards applicable, and receive full credits towards the specific skills programme and qualification)

Certificate in Generic Management (NQF Level 4)

National Certificate in Management Leadership (NQF Level 5)

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Skills Programmes (Study Schools)

  • Leadership Concepts (Study School S10)
  • Team Development (Study School S11)
  • Financial Best Practices (Study School S12)
  • Service Excellence (Study School S13)
  • Performance Management (Study School S14)
  • Employee Assistance (Study School S15)
  • Workforce Development (Study School S20)
  • Workplace Operations (Study School S21)
  • Systems & Processes (Study School S22)
  • Workplace Projects (Study School S23)
  • Employee Wellbeing (Study School S24)

(Successful learners get certified against the Skills Programme applicable, and receive full credits towards the specific qualification)


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