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Become a Learning Material Design Specialist

In today’s competitive environment, training and development need to be sharply focused on achieving and assessing very specific outcomes, while meeting the requirements of the NQF. This ensures that learning can be aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation while learners gain qualifications that are nationally recognised.

We offer accredited learning material design specialist training for those who really want to make a difference.  Our training takes place over a period of five days, and can be accessed in three ways:

  • Public courses are not pre-scheduled. Learners apply for attendance, we then schedule a public workshop on a regualar basis (usually on a 6-weekly basis)
  • In-house courses for organisations or sectors’
  • Blended e-Learning option in our Virtual e-Learning Centre. Our most affordable and popular option.

Unit Standards Covered:

Who should be trained as material design specialists?

The course is suitable for anyone with the necessary communication and mathematic capabilities who would like to become competent to align or design learning programmes.It is essential that learners be given the opportunity to complete the six month practical project.

What entry qualification is needed?

  • NQF Level 4/Grade 12 certificate
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4 Computer Literacy
  • Computer Literacy at NQF Level 4

How long does it take? 

  • Our workshops and in-house courses run over three to five days. Portfolios and part assessment are completed on the last day of the workshop.
  • Blended e-Learning: Learners set their own learning pace and complete the programme based on the time available. This can be done within a few hours, one to two weeks or even within a few months.

Learning Outcomes

Learners successfully completing this programme will be able to:

  • plan a learning programme
  • plan a curriculum
  • prepare learning aids
  • develop learning materials
  • design outcomes-based assessments

The training covers the development of short courses, skills programmes, and learnerships. The learning also includes a six-month workplace project. Curriculum development is carried out in partnership with sector stakeholders. Programme development occurs within the context of the NQF and is grounded on an outcomes-based ETD approach. Learning and assessment material may be designed in any field.

The training includes classroom learning, self-directed project work, coaching and mentoring and e-mail communications.  Activities such as problem-centred groups, buzz-groups, lectures, case studies, assignments, self-assessments and presentations are used.

The assessment element of the training is designed to assess applied competence – that is foundational, practical and reflexive competence.


Learners who successfully complete the portfolio of evidence will be awarded a skills programme certificate with the unit standards listed.


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