Is Your Attitude Worth Changing?

Is Your Attitude Worth Changing?

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.”

Everyone knows the basic cliché: There are parts of your life that you cannot control, but you can improve your attitude towards these events. You may not be able to control where your born or who your family is. You may not be able to control your socio-economic upbringing or the schools that you attended as a child. You may not be able to control the weather. There are many life events that occur that you are in no control over.

What you can control is your attitude. No matter what your upbringing, a positive attitude can be in your future, and you can achieve the attitude change that will have you leading a better life.

Are you seeing the glass half full or half empty?

Is Your Attitude Worth Changing?When you look at life you have two choices. You can see the glass as half full or half empty – indeed, you can choose to see your life as you wish to see it, negatively or positively.

Keeping a positive attitude (glass half full) is easy when things are going well. But when life isn’t smiling down upon you, your attitude changes. Stress, anxiety, unfortunate circumstances, negative thoughts – all of these problems occupy you mind. Yet you can work towards changing attitudes. You can decide how much you want those negative thoughts to affect you. You may not be able to stop something from happening, but you can choose how you wish to deal with those situations.

Your Attitude Is Everything

When life throws you into a difficult situation that you cannot control, work on your attitude change. If you are in a situation that isn’t ideal and doesn’t suit your interests or values, try instead to make the best of it. When you feel discouraged or unable to move forward, take that “half empty” glass and fill it back up with water.

Life Can Be Difficult - Make It Better

Life may not always be sunshine and rainbows. Life events can cause you to experience negative things that are out of your control. But when that occurs, you have the option of taking that control back. You need to be the one that manufactures some sunshine back into your life. Often times it is the act of looking for the positives that helps best when you are working on your own attitude change.

It is Your Attitude, Not Your Aptitude, That Determines Your Altitude

The most successful people in the world are not those that happened to be lucky in life. It is the people that have a positive attitude. It is the people that saw negative events, and rather than accept them they worked on changing attitudes and discovered the positivity inside them.

I have a friend named Frank. Frank is successful in many different areas of his life. Frank always has a huge smile on his face and is ready to give me a big hug whenever we see each other. He often tells me how fantastic it is to see each other the way we do, and his wisdom in life is always inspiring to me.

His secret? Frank understands that his attitude is what is determining his altitude. By keeping a positive attitude, Frank has been able to learn many of life’s secrets, achieve great things, and maintain a positive circle of people around him. Frank understands the secrets of life, and he demonstrates his love and care for others every single day.

Although Frank has suffered setbacks in life – losing close friends and family, missing out at work – his positive attitude when it comes to his trials has allowed him to become successful in most of his endeavors, and his attitude has given him the support he needs to succeed.

How Can I Get a Better Attitude?

Changing attitude doesn’t come quickly. There is no quick fix for giving yourself a positive attitude to life events. You will need to make some serious life changes, starting with who you associate yourself with.

You will need to associate with the type of people whose attitudes you desire. Associating with people that do not project the attitude you wish to have will cause you to lower yourself down to their attitude. If you associate yourself with those that have a positive, fun-loving attitude, then you will adopt the attitude and motivations that they themselves have. Without changing who you surround yourself with, you will never be able to change the person you become.

It may seem heartless at first, but a friend that doesn’t bring you happiness and “glass half full” attitude into your life is one that is not helping you become the person you wish to be.

Proverbs for Changing Attitudes

Here are some Powerful Proverbs to increase your attitude!

  • Your attitude is a little thing, but it makes a big difference.
  • It’s your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.
  • Look backwards with gratitude, upward with confidence and forward with hope.
  • It all depends on how you look at things and not how they are.
  • What sort of attitude do you have to your work?
  • A new attitude might improve your career prospects.
  • Be strong enough to accept the help of others.
  • Be flexible. Stiffness is a sign of rigor mortis.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious. Is your attitude worth catching?

Your Reflect & Apply

You already have the power within you to promote positive attitude change and gain altitude in your life. It is okay to be enthusiastic – your energy will be contagious and people will want to hang around you so that they too can feel they are going places in life. Ask yourself if the attitude you have now is the attitude you wish to have in life. If not, you will need to learn how to change your perspectives and promote attitude change. Start by looking at the people you associate yourself with, and try your best to surround yourself with only positive influences. Pretty soon you will find that not only is the glass half full, but it is filling up every day.

This article was published by Dr. Leon Pienaar. Leon is a qualified counsellor and Master Coach Trainer with a doctorate degree in Pastoral Counselling. He is responsible for the creation of the Dynamic Coaching Wheel, a highly successful coaching model that is used all over the world in personal and business coaching contexts. As a Master NLP Trainer and Master Coach, his Life Coach Academy is responsible for training hundreds of coaches all over the world on an annual basis. His Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation is well-known throughout the world for its success in combining Christian, Biblical principles (as content) with NLP techniques. Dr. Pienaar is the Founder and Managing Director of LEDISA Academy, a SAQA-accredited Training Provider in South Africa. LEDISA Academy is also registered as Training Provider with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).

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