Training Material Design & Development Specialist – Johannesburg

Time: 08:10

Become a Certified Training Material Design Specialist

Venue: Johannesburg, South Africa

NQF Aligned Material for TrainingIn today’s competitive environment, training and development need to be sharply focused on achieving and assessing very specific outcomes, while meeting the requirements of the NQF. This ensures that learning can be aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation while learners gain qualifications that are nationally recognised.

The training covers the development of short courses, skills programmes, and learnerships. The learning also includes a workplace project. Programme development occurs within the context of the NQF and is grounded on an outcomes-based ETD approach. Learning and assessment material may be designed in any field.

People credited with this unit standards are able to:

  • plan a learning programme
  • plan a curriculum
  • prepare learning aids
  • develop learning materials


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